Kitco is a value-driven organization. Our values are at the origin of everything we do. They inspire us to work at the highest standard everyday. They act as a benchmark for our performance, serving as a point of reference in all partnerships and service offerings for industry stakeholders and customers.

Kit Quality

Kit-Quality is our standard of excellence. It
demonstrates our ambition to add value in everything we do,
no matter the scale or scope of the project at hand.
Kit-Quality is a resolute commitment to our customers.


We believe innovation is key to stay at the forefront of our industry. Whether it be by developing new products, perfecting our methodologies or applying the latest technologies, we constantly look for the most innovative ways to serve our customers the best we can.


At Kitco, we work together as a tightly-knit team with a common
goal in mind: to service our customers the best way we can.
That’s why we truly value everyone’s contributions,
talents and accomplishments.

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to adding value and serving our customers better. With this singular focus in mind we have developed new products, new ways of operating, and new approaches to our role in the industry.


Staying open-minded is critical to our success. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and ways of developing innovative solutions. We constantly seek different perspectives because they broaden our approach, strengthen our process, and enhance our solutions.