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Information and Technology

Oversee information systems that serve millions of data points each day. Utilize integrated frameworks to increase the efficiency of the delivery lifecycle and contribute to resilient systems that operate at scale. Join an integrated team of IT experts that use cutting edge technology to keep busy networks, high-traffic websites, extensive databases, and a collection of IoT applications running smoothly and securely.

Join a team of IT experts

building robust solutions

Oversee the financial and compliance

functions of a global company

Finance and Compliance

Become part of a team that manages the company’s finances, plans and executes transactions, audits accounts and functions, ensures accuracy of all accounting information and issues reports integral to the success of the business. Implement policies, procedures and practices, and maintain high ethical standards in order to safeguard company assets, apply internal controls, ensure regulatory and legal compliance, and protect customer privacy.

Sales and Marketing

Contribute to the digital expansion of our operations through business development, sales, and digital marketing opportunities. Take part in a fast-growing company that is changing the landscape of precious metals trading and digital media distribution. Growth minded professionals will appreciate the chance to shape the precious metals conversation through innovation, data-driven strategies and a customer-centered approach.

Build meaningful relationships,

one customer at a time

Be a trusting, insightful

voice for our customers

Customer Service

Be an advocate of the Kitco brand and support our customers as they interact with us by phone, email, video, social media, chat, or in-person at our counter service. We make a positive impact on every customer interaction - no matter the channel. Turn your passion for people and a proactive attitude towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers, and build a career as a valued contributor in our contact center.

Human Resources

Become part of a vibrant workplace culture. Join our team of HR professionals as we discover new talent and cultivate a cohesive business culture. Build employee training programs, advise managers on employee well-being, and maintain workplace standards in our Montreal office and across a global network of salaried employees and contract partners. Together we collaborate to uphold Kitco’s values of innovation, teamwork, customer focus, openness and kit-quality.

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Build a world-class team

Shape a unique workplace culture

Work at the intersection
of data and news


Our media platform is one of the most respected voices in the investment space and we got there by passionately delivering fast, accurate, unbiased and accessible information, obsessively offering the best user experience, using innovation and technology to organize, report, inform and educate. We explore new tools, formats and how our content is found and our news reported. Be part of a team bringing editorial and technical skills, to explore, prototype and innovate new ways to tell stories and reach global audiences.


Join a group of eCommerce specialists who are transforming the online shopping experience for precious metals investors. Analyze user activity and personalize the customer journey in exciting, innovative ways. Leverage data insight to optimize UX at every stage - from initial contact through to purchase, shipping, and beyond. Drive conversion rates through integrated digital marketing strategies that present buyers with an engaging, friction-free shopping experience, across all platforms.

Make it easy to buy and sell

precious metals online

Our data-driven supply chains keep

the precious metals flowing

Logistics and Back Office

As a company with a global footprint, we send and receive thousands of packages each day. We operate efficient and resilient supply chains, partnering with a global network of storage facilities, vendors, and customers. Our inventory management models help us synchronize supply with demand and continuously improve our logistics and back office functions, from order processing, procurement and distribution to performance measurement. Work with a team of experts that leverage efficient procedures, integrated software tracking, and data analysis to maintain high levels of productivity and a smooth flow of goods worldwide.

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