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PreciousMetal Products

Bullion Coins and Bars

We buy and sell bullion bars and coins in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium including Canadian Maples, American Eagles, Vienna Philharmonics and Krugerrands. Precious metal products sold by Kitco are recognized in bullion markets the world over.

Kitco Signature Products

Crafted by reputed mints and fabricators, these Kitco branded .9999 fine silver products and pure gold bar bear the hallmark of Kitco quality that customers have come to trust. Kitco Signature Silver products are the purest silver bullion products currently available. Created as a response to growing demand, these Kitco Signature Products are fast acquiring an enviable reputation in the markets.

Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account

Through our synergy with the Royal Canadian Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account (RCMPA) program, facilitates the secure purchase and ownership of gold. Gold bought through the RCMPA is held on an unallocated basis by the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown Corporation owned by the Government of Canada.

Kitco Pool Accounts

Through our unallocated pool accounts, customers can own a specific share in a precious metals held by Kitco. Pool account holdings can be bought and sold at any time. Because pool holders pay nothing for shipping, storage, fabrication or brokerage, Kitco Pool Accounts represent one of the most affordable ways of holding precious metals.

Allocated Storage Accounts

We offer allocated storage accounts at depositories located in Canada and Hong Kong.

IRAs and RSPs

We work with leading investment custodian companies to help our customers diversify their retirement savings into precious metals. Kitco's customers can place precious metals in their IRAs or RSPs with great ease and with the benefit of step-by-step guidance from highly trained customer service representatives.