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AdvertisingWith Us is the world's most popular precious metals website. Nearly a million people visit it every day to check the price of precious metals, read about current market trends, see historic price trends, buy and sell precious metals and to access a comprehensive reference source.

Ranked among the world's top 2,000 websites by, consistently features among the top search results for terms like "gold," "silver," "platinum" and "palladium," often just trailing the relevant Wikipedia entry.

When you advertise on Kitco's websites, you reach out effectively to millions of interested potential customers. To start getting noticed right away, you could place an ad or link on:

  1. Our home page, where millions of customers, industry executives, brokers and retailers from around the world come to check prices, read the news and follow commentaries
  2. Our market page, which attracts heavy traffic to its concise table of real-time and historic precious metal prices
  3. Our 24-hour gold page, which the Internet's most frequently accessed live gold chart and which is especially popular at times of volatility
  4. Our press releases section, on which hundreds of companies place important, time-sensitive and market-moving announcements
  5. Our mobile application pages, which deliver price quotes, charts and news headlines to handheld devices of all types
  6. Our lead generation service, which allows our users to connect with, access information from and contact select companies that are listed prominently on our website

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