Kitco's corporate culture Ongoing training and learning

OurCorporate Culture

At Kitco, people mean everything. We actively cultivate the Kitco culture because it is integral to our success. Every new employee participates in a special Kitco training program that is designed to develop and enhance team spirit, self-awareness, communication skills and interpersonal interaction. During this training, our employees also get to know one another and understand our vision, mission and values. As a result, no one feels like an outsider at Kitco.

While our business is precious metals, our passion is customer service. And we believe that happy, empowered employees naturally want to serve customers better.

Above all, it's our open culture that distinguishes Kitco as an employer. Candid communication, the valuing of opinions, the quest for great ideas, and the ever-present motivation to do things better are aspects of the Kitco culture that touch everyone from the President to the newest employee.

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